AC Input Reactor (ACR)

AC Input Reactor (ACR)

Product Introduction

Input reactors error overload to line power supply and reduce harmonic distortion arising from frequency inverters , also improve the input supply , reduce ultra harmonic and suppress the surge caused by frequency inverters to the power supply units

Product Application

Particularly apply to the following cases:

  1. Multiple frequency inverters in close parallel connection
  2. Other devices Produce interference to line power supply. (disturbance , over voltage)
  3. Non balance among phases of line power supply. ( 1.8% over than of the rated voltage)
  4. Massive frequency inverters installed on the same line
  5. Reduce cos φ and correct the overload of capacitor , in case the power factor correction devices are installed in syste





Technical Specifications

Work Voltage: 220VAC-1140VAC

Work Frequency: 50/60Hz

Work Current: 3A-1600A

Insulation Class: class F ̗H

Protection Class: IP00-IP22

Voltage drop: < 4%

Max Current: 1.5 X , 60S

Noise: ≤ 65dB

Temperature Rise: ≤85K

Dielectric strength: 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s

Insulation Resistor: 1000VDC≥100MΩ

Operation Environment: -10~+45 ˚C , rated value wont’ t lower , when higer than 55 ˚C , and every 1 ˚C , the current will step down 2% , Under seal level 2000m

Running ambient temperature -25 ˚C ~+45 ˚C , comparative moisture not over 90%

No hazardous gas , no inflammables and explosives

With well-ventilated condition , ventilation devices shall be mounted if installation in panels

Applicable Standards

IEC289: 1987 Reactor

GB 10229-88 Reactor (eqvIEC289: 1987)

JB9644-1999 Reactors used for semiconductor electrical driving

Product Size