DC reactor (DCR)

DC reactor (DCR)

Product Introduction

DC smoothing reactor rectifier circuit being used to suppress ripple rectified pulsating component and make rectified current continuously Improve the output waveform tributaries , to ensure the normal operation of the DC devices



Product Application

  1. Suppress the waveform distortion of input current caused by capacitive filtering
  2. Reduce and avoid overheat of capacity and rectifier bridge damage both of which arise form surge current
  3. Improve power factor and reduce the DC busbar AC pulse
  4. Limit the instant change of the grid voltage
  5. Work with capactor to suppress or filter the current ripple for eliminating . negative influence onload


Technical Specifications

  1. Work voltage: 220VAC-1140VAC
  2. Work frequency: 50/60Hz
  3. Work current: 3A-1600A
  4. Insulation class F ̗ H
  5. Operation Environment: -10~…+45 ˚C , rated value wont’ t lower , when higer than 45 ˚C , and every 1 ˚C , the current will step down 2%
  6. Protection class: IP00-IP22
  7. Max Current: 1.5 × Rated current, continuous 60S
  8. Noise: ≤ 65dB
  9. Temperature Rise: ≤ 85K
  1. Dielectric strength: Core Coil 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s no electric arcing puncture (factory test)
  2. Insulation Resistor: 1000VDC insulation resistance value ≥ 100MΩ
  3. Under seal level 2000m
  4. Running ambient temperature -25 ˚C ~ +45 ˚C , comparative moisture not over 90%
  5. No hazardous gas , no inflammables and explosives
  6. With well-ventilated condition , ventilation devices shall be mounted if installation in panels

Applicable Standards

IEC289: 1987 Reactor

GB10229-88 Reactor (eqvIEC289: 1987)

JB9644-1999 Reactors used for semiconductor electrical driving

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