AC Output Reactor(OCR)

Product Introduction

The input reactor is mounted at the output of the frequency inverter. It is used for limiting the capactive charging current of the connection cable between the frequency inverter and the motor , and passivating the voltage buildup rate of PWM form the frequency inverter and the motor


Product Application

  1. Limit dv/dt to 500V/us
  2. Limit the overvoltage of motor terminal to: 1000V to 400V ~ (rms)
  3. The interference occurred form the contalled between the motor and the filter
  4. Reduce the earth leakage current of motor

Technical Specifications

  1. Work voltage: 220VAC-1140VAC
  2. Work frequency: 50/60Hz.
  3. Work current: 3A-1600A
  4. Carrier frequency: 2-8KHz
  5. Insulation class: class F ̗H
  6. Operation Environment: -10 ˚C +45 ˚C , rated value wont ‘t lower , when higer than 45 ˚C , and every 1 ˚C , the current will step down 2%
  7. Protection class: IP00-IP22
  8. Voltage drop: < 4% higher than the range will cause the loss of torque
  9. Max Current: 1.5 × Rated current , continuous 60S
  10. Noise: ≤ 65dB
  11. Temperature Rise: ≤ 85K
  12. Dielectric strength: Core Coil 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s no electric arcing puncture (factory test)
  13. Insulation Resistor: 1000VDC insulation resistance value ≥ 100MΩ
  14. Under seal level 2000m
  15. Running ambient temperature -25 ˚C ~ +45 ˚C , comparative moisture not over 90%
  16. No hazardous gas , no inflammables and explosives
  17. With well-ventilated condition , ventilation devices shall be mounted if installation in panels

Applicable Standards

IEC289: 1987 Reactor

GB10229-88 Reactor (eqvIEC289: 1987)

JB9644-1999 Reactors used for semiconductor electrical driving

Product Size