Wire Wound Resistor (RXHG)

Wire Wound Resistor (RXHG)

Product Introduction

RXHG coatings type winding resistor is a kind of power mode, the product use the wave resistance alloy in the form of side winding on the ceramic matrix The surface coating insulation resistance to high temperature coating , is conducive to heat dissipation, and is equipped with a mounting bracket, a resistor has large power , strong overload capacity resistance, convenient installation and other feature

(Product Application)

  1. As a braking resistor to protect the inverters, servos, etc .. from damage by regenerative energy of the motor
  2. As a resistive load in power electronic load tests
  3. As a sampling resister, limiting resistor, starting resistor, or protective resistor in power electronic equipment.

Technical Specifications

  1. Resistance value and the change range : 1Ω≤R ±5% (J) , 1Ω>R ± 10% (K)
  2. Rated load : The maximum surface temperature, 50~200W ≤275 ˚C , > 200W ≤350 ˚C
  3. Short-time overload: No visible damage ∆R≤± (5%R+0.05Ω) 10 times 5s
  4. Insulation resistance : R≥100MΩ1min DC 1000V
  5. Withstanding voltage: No visible damage, no arcing breakdown ∆R≤± (0.1%R+0.05Ω) AC 3000V 5s
  6. Resistance-temperature characteristic: ±260PPM/˚C (less than 5Ω don´t test(
  7. Terminial strength No looseness or mechanical damage 45N 30s
  8. Resistance strength No visible damage 200N 30s
  9. Withstanding vibration: No visible damage ∆R≤± (0.1%R+0.05Ω) f:5-200Hz a=1gX.Y.Z/2h
  10. Heart resistance: In addition to the terminal no pbvious discoloration and damage, marked clearly 350 ˚C 2hours
  11. Heat shock No visible mechanical damage, after 30miniute rated overload
  12. Waterlogging resistance: No visible mechanical damage, marked clearly ∆R≤± (5%R+0.05Ω)

Insulation resistance ≥ 10MΩDC100 40˚C 95%RH 500hours

  1. Durability (rated overload): No visible damage ,marked clearly ∆R≤± (5%R±0.05Ω) load 100%
  2. Resistance: In addition to the terminal no abvious discolorati on and damage ,marked clearly.

350±5˚C, 120±5

Applicable Standards

GB/T5729-1994   Fixed resistor used in electronic equipment

Rundown Curve

Ambient temperature        0-20˚C            >20˚C

Power loss                             100%        See figure

Product Size