Aluminum Enclosure Resistor (RXLG)

Aluminum Enclosure Resistor (RXLG)

Product Introduction

RXLG series aluminum shell winding resistor using alloy enclosure, beautiful shape, the resistance have the weather resistance, vibration resistance security is superior to the traditional porcelain skeleton resistor.

Product Application

  1. As a braking resistor to protect the inverters, servos, etc .. from damage by regenerative energy of the motor
  2. As a resistive load in power electronic load tests
  3. As a sampling resister, limiting resistor, starting resistor, or protective resistor in power electronic equipment.

Technical Specifications

  1. Resistance value and the change range : 1Ω≤R ±5% (J) ,  1Ω>R   ± 10% (K)
  2. Temperature coefficient: R>20Ω,±260 ppm/˚C R≤20Ω,±400ppm/˚C Test when the temperaturature is -25~200˚C
  3. Rated load : The surface temperature≤ 375˚C on the 300×300×3mm aluminum plate
  4. Short-time overload: ∆R≤± (2%R+0.05Ω) No abnormal environment also 10 times the rated voltage, 5second
  5. Insulation resistance : R≥100MΩ1min Without abnormal DC 1000v, insulation resistance between welding plate and shell is no less than 100MΩ
  6. Withstand voltage: ∆R≤± (0.1%R+0.05Ω) No abnormal damage welding piece between the shell and AC 3000V 5s
  7. Terminial strength: Without loosing without exception 100n force on welding lead direction, 30seconed
  8. Thermal: ∆R≤± (2%R+0.05Ω) No abnormal voltage rating for30 minutes, room emperature, 8-12 seconds into 2-40 environment, 15+5 minutes, then place 2hours at room temperature
  9. Wetresistance: No visible damage, marked clearly ∆R≤± (3%R+0.05Ω), insulation resistance ≥R≥25MΩ DC voltage 100v,40±2˚C, Relative humidity 90 -95%, 60 minutes on 30 minutes off 500+24
  10. Overload: No visible damage, marked clearly : ∆R≤± (5%R+0.05Ω) on the 300×300×3mm aluminum plate ±7 ˚C, Rated DC voltage, 90 minutes on 30 minutes off for 500+24 hours

Applicable Standards

GB/T5729-1994   Fixed resistor used in electronic equipment

Rundown Curve

Ambient temperature        0-20˚C            >20˚C

Power loss                             100%        See figure

Product Size