SSI900 Vector

SSI900 Vector

Advanced drive controlling

New non-sense vector control performance

.Occupational performance of non-sense vector control timely lifiting load troque response,to satisfy customers broad torque load demand.such as conveyor application and so on
,Instantaneous power-off then restart,with acceleration deceleration setting,let you have a safe movement in the area of opening loop control Function of lean PID control,torgue,slip compensation control,allowing you have a optimum performance when adjusting.

Swift variety:

Non-sense vector control,torque variety<20ms

Torque limitation of protecting machine:

Providing torgue limitation,when torque command more than the maximum torque machinery can bear,inverter can be more properly premise equipment safety protection torque limit play mechanical maximum efficiency within the set of maximum torque.

The function of simple PLC:

The function of simple PLC,can finish simple combination running of multiple section instruction

Advanced self-learning function:

Dynamic and static self-learning function,can give full play to drive performance in either way.

Perfact protection function:

High accuracy current detection,can finish protecting function precisly and swiftly,complete overload prote ction(0L/0L1/0L2)over voltage/current stall prevent
functional,short circuit to ground protection,abnormal rest,momentary outages tracking function,improve the operation continuity.

Envviromental protection performance:

Using SPW way, not only can suppress electromagnetic interfernce, also can reduce noise.

Restore user parameters:

When debugging or misoperation resulting parameter confusion,can choose to restore default parameters can also restore parameters that user conserve before hard to cause the parameters of chaos.